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from by Axial Lead

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“If your time had come, Lorelei would find you through the lakes and the oceans, rivers and rain drops, and take you deep, beneath the waves, to be judged for your deeds. I had broken out of the most feared prison in all of the known world and as I jumped in the waters below, her silky voice called ever louder.”


“La la la Lorelei...”
Can you believe my lies?
Oh, in the dusk I’ve seen the moon disappear,
a long time ago.
Nobody knows if you have a heart,
nobody cares, sweet Lorelei,
nobody can wait for the...

Can you believe the line crossing the night?
Can you believe the sky? Open your eyes!

Gray skies collide overhead, the storm has arrived.

I swear,
if I should see the end of this,
I will love you till the day I die,
I swear it on my memories
of the violet flowers in the mist,
Lorelei, sweet Lorelei.

Look out,
beyond the never ending waves,
psychedelic nightmares,
devouring the purple haze!
I will love you,
Call my name, Lorelei!
Call my name, Lorelei!

“I told you once: this cannot be,
accept your fate and let me dream....

..somehow they never last”, she said.
“I’ll give you a chance.”

Amalgamating my flesh with her dreams,
she will unknowingly help me,
granted the story goes how I had planned it to be.
Oh how I had planned it to be?
Reach for the end of the scene
and hold on to the sun,
don’t let it shine,
when it’s gone,
I’ll be alive.

Can you believe the line crossing the night?
Can you believe the sky? Open your eyes!
Do you believe your eyes? Open your mind!
If you believe your mind, wait for the...


from of infamous credentials, released May 5, 2014



all rights reserved


Axial Lead Bucharest, Romania

Christian Vicente Alban Popescu - guitar
Daniel Bucătariu - drums
Radu Damian - vox
Tudor Golu - guitar
Vlad Enescu - bass

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