will Or I'En

from by Axial Lead

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“I knew they could fly me home and protect me from the flames in the sun, as they were made of fire too. They slept for centuries, but I was watching over their changing forms, and I spoke to them and told them stories of my city and all its people. I asked them for a wish. In the heart of the giant clock and the bowels of the ships, in the towers and streets, these were the places to start the first fires, so that no one may live, and time would stand still. ”


When i grew another ear
I could hear them crying.
I spy with my seven eyes
none of us surviving.

Full white fire flies, full white!

Some are wise and others fear,
some of them rewinding.
All will die and disappear.
Rise from the resting plane,
stretch incandescent wings and legs,
at the oasis hide and bring
light in the city yet again.

A jolly day to be alive,
a jolly day to be alive.
Roundabout, cross the town,
refracted sun.
Such a day to be alive,
a sorry day to be alive.
Don’t you know? It’s kinda bright,
you’re gonna blind your eyes!

I can see you with my lantern,
I can see you with my lantern,
labyrith tomb, turn a random,
turn a random flame to fire!
Turn a random flame to fire!

Full white fire flies in the vaulted sky,
purifying Paradise for a while.
From the relics of the city name,
will Or I’En tomorrow
build a city for the better man?
For hope and true tomorrow.

Full white fire flies, full white!

Paralyzed, this is no Paradise!
“Ignited candles putrefy,
so let it burn for now,
but look up child,
boiling ocean spirals
over Salva D’or, full white!”


from of infamous credentials, released May 5, 2014



all rights reserved


Axial Lead Bucharest, Romania

Christian Vicente Alban Popescu - guitar
Daniel Bucătariu - drums
Radu Damian - vox
Tudor Golu - guitar
Vlad Enescu - bass

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