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“There were rumors among the inmates, back in Salva D’Or. They spoke of a miraculous doorway, hidden beneath the waves, that would grant you any wish! ...and as I walked forth, I became more and more afraid, because my wish had been lost in the giant waiting hall, and I did not care to find it anymore, for down the path I followed was more than just the simple magic door, they thought they’ve heard of, back in Salva D’Or.”


Betray the treason imprison. Hurray!
Betray the treason in prison. Hurray!

the treacherous prism, to pray
with the light of day.

Day is getting older,
radiating colder, marrow.

Shifting body-piercing arrow,
shifting body pierce the arrow

through my brain in a line,
through my brain in my spine!

Open the line to find inside a snail who dies,

adding a spiral every twenty-three quarters of time, of time,

on the sulphurous shell,
on the sulphurous shell on his back.

He pays for his crimes.
He pays for my crimes!

Maybe I’ll choose the right way wrong.
“Fool, don’t open the door!”

Let in the cold!

Vertebrate Invertebrate
Vertebrate Invertebrate
Vertebrate Invertebrate

One day it came to be,
the galaxy would trust in me,
to give up my choice to lead.
December ending, amber blue, now.
December ending, amber blue, now.

The story’s told to the listener, the prisoner, the same:
“Midway beyond the grave, there’s a broken door
made of silver and snow,
with handles of mercury gold...


from of infamous credentials, released May 5, 2014



all rights reserved


Axial Lead Bucharest, Romania

Christian Vicente Alban Popescu - guitar
Daniel Bucătariu - drums
Radu Damian - vox
Tudor Golu - guitar
Vlad Enescu - bass

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